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Iro Vamoz Bohemia

MALE/12 months old

Trojan von der Staatsmacht son!! ---> PEDIGREE

Iro is 12 months old, very nice exterior, very good trained male for sale.
He has very good drive in defence with full bites, food drive and good drive for the ball. He is trained IPO.
He knows living outside the house, crate trained inside.
He is good with other people and dogs. He is an excellent guard dog!
As he continues to mature her coat will be dark sable. (during 1-2 months) .
Good with other dogs, easy to handle.
Suitable for IPO sport, personal / family protection, breeding.
All teeth, both testicle, very nice exterior, good size, preXrays done - OK (I can send in e-mail)
Shipping possible worldwide!

Mark Namornik

MALE/ 10 months old

father: Passat Eqidius participant worldchampionship IPO3 2017!!
mother: Ollie Vikar - IPO1, HD/ED normal

Mark is medium size very nice exterior young male.
He is super social, very friendly to other people, dogs, children.
Mark is excellent drive very suitable for sport. He is IPO trained - obedience and defence. He is very fast because his size.
He is suitable for IPO sport, family protection dog and as breeding male. He has TOP workingline pedigree with dogs from worldfamous kennels.

Quasimodo Hexer

MALE/16 months old

16 months old

father: Pike del Lupo Nero (IPO3, SchH3)

mother: Jezabel Hexer (BH, IPO 1) - daughter Norbert Aritar Bastet (WUSV)

pre-xrays: HD/ED normal


------> PEDIGREE


We offers promising 16 months old male for sale. "Hex" is good size and nice exterior. He is IPO (obedience, defence) and personal protection trained. He is very friendly dog to other people and children. He has not problem with new environment, floors..etc. He is suitable for sport, breeding (he is son legendary Pike del Lupo Nero!!!) and as family protection dog (he is obedient and medium drive, very good for living)

Healthy, all teeth, two testicals, prex-rays OK (I can send to email), export pedigree for full registration to AKC.

Alba Belkana Ansuz

FEMALE/12 months old
TOP pedigree - world champion Extreme Orex Aykmar daughter and Chester Eqidius granddaughter ---> here

We offers young very promising 12 months old female for sale.
Pre-xrays OK! I can send to email.
She is very nice exterior, very good size and excellent drive. She is suitable for sport, breeding and as personal protection dog.
She is well trained obedince and defence - she knows obedience BH. Very good obedient.
High drive to ball and defence.
Good with people, children, other environment (town..etc), other dogs. She is very friendly.
FCI pink papers for full register AKC


Lea Vamoz Bohemia


FEMALE/ 6 months old
father: Extreme Orex Aykmar worldchampionship IPO3 2017!!
mother: Nairobi Hexer - BH, IPO 1, HD/ED normal
We offers very nice female with great character for sport, breeding as a family / personal protection dog.
Lea is super prey and food drive, she is ok with other people, dogs, children, environment.

Esprit Rapax Bohemia


FEMALE/5 months old
We offers 5 months old, bigger size, very nice exterior FEMALE for sale.
Esprit is suitable for sport, breeding and as a family/personal protection dog.
She is friendly with other dogs.
She is healthy. The ear will be stand soon (during 1 month).
She knows lives inside/outside house.
IPO trained - VIDEO ---->
TOP pedigree!!!!
father: IPO 3 competitor in Germany Blade vom Wolfssprung (owner: kennel vom Eisernenkreuz), HD/ED normal
mother: Coxi Vamoz Bohemia - IPO1, high drive female, HD/ED normal
Shipping possible worldwide!

Corty Yabalute


MALE / 16 months old / BELGIAN MALINOIS

We offers an excellent dog for sale. Corty is 1,5 years old, big sized dog with great potential for work.
Corty is very nice exterior, he is big size, dark big head and bones!
He is suitable for POLICE work, as family/personal protection dog or for sport.
He has TOP drive (ball, prey, food). He is IPO trained.
He growed up in family with 9 years old child, absolutely social, super environment, floors, good in town, good with other people, children, dogs, horses.
He knows lives inside/outside the house, crate trained.
HEALTHY - HD/ED normal, spine 0, all teeth, both testicles, vaccinated
FCI export pedigree!

Hagrib od Janice "Ax"


* 27. 1. 2017


sire: Athos Smolkovsky les (IPO3, HD/ED normal, national GS championship IPO3)

dam: Anaja od Janice (IPO3, HD/ED normal)


Czech old blood/German blood!


We offers  promising 10 months old male for sale. Ax is medium size, very nice exterior and dark eyes. He is IPO (obedience, defence) and personal protection trained. He is very friendly dog to other people and children. He has not problem with new environment, floors..etc. He is suitable for police work. He has big drive to ball!

Very suitable for sport (he knows obedience for IPO1), breeding, police work and as family protection dog


Healthy, all teeth, two testicals, prex-rays OK (I can send to email), export pedigree for full registration to AKC.


Colli Rapax Bohemia


11,5 months old

father: Brisco vom Patriot (IPO3, SchH3)

mother: Ekira z Kurimskeho haje (BH, IPO 1) - daughter Chris spod Lazov, granddaughter Hank vom Weinbergblick

pre-xrays: HD/ED normal


------> PEDIGREE


Colli is young beautiful female with great potential for sport. She is suitable for sport, breeding and as family protection dog. She is trained IPO and she is doing very well. She has super food drive, ball drive, drive for work, very nice obedience and super defence. She is suitable for competitions too. She has´nt any problem!

Colli is nice exterior, bigger size, she will be passed of the offspring dark color. 

She is healthy, all teeth, pre-xrays OK - I can send to email.

For her TOP pedigree she is very suitable for breeding. She has in pedigree worldchampions Chris spod Lazov, Hank vom Weinbergblick!

She is good with people, children, other dogs, new environment, she knows lives outside house and in crate. 

Shipping possible worldwide USA 1200 usd. She comes with export pedigree for full AKC registration.

For more info contact me:


Drupi Mihapa


(Norbert Aritar Bastet x Qwerta Kedorb)
>>> <<<

DOB: 1.5.2014

Exam: BH (58), IPO 1, IPO 2, IPO3
X-ray: HD / ED normal
Exhibition: VD 1

Drupi Mihapa from Veronika Matoušková on Vimeo.

Crosby Vamoz Bohemia


>>> TOP pedigree <<<

father: Azud vom Geiersbuhl (Trojan v.d.Staatsmacht) - IPO 3
mother: Vera z Kurimskeho haje (3x world champion Hank vom Weinbergblick) - ZVV1
x-rays: HD + ED 0/0 (official FCI, certification)
title: BH

We offers 21 months old male high quality male with great character and nice exterior. He is suitable for IPO sport, breeding and as family dog. He loves people, childrens, good with dogs, absolutely social dog! He lives in family. He has exam BH, in preparation IPO 1 - training in all three phases (tracking, obedience, protection).
He is official HD and ED normal, two testicles, all teeth. His siblings are healthy, HD/ED normal and have high drive (I can send video of them)
Only for serious buyers! For demanding clients!


Ebony Vamoz Bohemia


father: Ibon JIPO-ME (IPO 3, ZPO 1, ZVV1, HD/ED normal)
mother: Bena z Kurimskeho haje (ZVV1, HD/ED normal)

---> PEDIGREE click here

We offers wonderful dark bicolor 14 months old female with top pedigree - czech old bloodlines!!!
Ebony is very nice, normal size, high prey, ball and food drive. She has clear head, super social, friendly to other people and dogs, super for active family, sport and as personal protection dog.
She is good obedient, has basic obedience training and defence. She bite on the sleeve. She lives in family, has medium drive for life, and high drive for work.
x-rays - ED B , HD ok (I can send picture on email, not certification) More about her in video

Very good price! Please emails only serious buyers. Shipping possible worldwide.

Faster Vamoz Bohemia


father: Brisco vom Patriot (IPO3, SchH3, HD/ED normal)
mother: Esprit z udoli Upy (IPO2, ZVV1, HD/ED normal)

----> PEDIGREE click here

Faster is beautiful young dog with nice exterior and good character. He will be bigger sized dog. He is suitable for breeding, hobby sport and as family protection dog. He has super social, great with people, children and other dogs. All teeth, both testicles, x-rays OK.
For more info contact me to my email.
Shipping possible worldwide

Jasmina Fron Fighter


birth: 8th June 2015
father: Extreme Orex Aykmar (IPO3, 3x Czech champion, 3x participant WUSV)
mother: Hannach Faustus Moravia (ZVV1, HD/ED normal)
x-rays: HD and ED normal (official FCI, certification)

----> PEDIGREE click here

We offers young 2years old beautiful female, bigger size, suitable for breeding and as a family protection dog. She has super social, basic training defence, good obedient, no problem with people, children, horses, other animals and dogs. She lived on the farm, she is home trained and as a guard dog. She has TOP pedigree.
She is healthy all teeth, HD and ED normal (official FCI). For more info contact me to my email.
Good price!
(shipping possible worldwide)

Gerro z Kralicke tiskarny

father: Arno Ethen - IPO 3, FH2, ZVV2, participant GS IPO3 national level! - pedigree
mother: Brazilie z Kralicke Tiskarny - BH, ZVV1, Spr1 - pedigree

We offers very promising male suitable for sport, breeding, service dog and as family dog. He is 5 months old.
He has good prey drive, medium drive for life, kind but super guard in future. His parents are healthy, father is competitior on GS IPO 3 national level!
Gerro is trained in all phases - tracking, obedience, defence. Healthy, both testicles, good with other dogs, people, children, environment ok. He has top exterior, strong bones and head!
Good price! Shipping possible worldwide!
For more info contact me, only serious buyers:

Litter "C" Rapax Bohemia


On 31. October born 9 puppies - 3 males and 6 females (dark sable and black). Ekira is daughter world champion Chris spod Lazov and granddaughter world champion Hank vom Weinbergblick!!

Brisco vom Patriot
Ekira z Kurimskeho haje
HD/ED normal
VD, HD/ED normal, 5QV1/P

>>> PEDIGREE <<<

Ares z Eliscina dvora


10 months old male, HD and ED normal pre-xrays, super ball drive, defence, obedience. Prepared exam BH.


Diga zo Spisskeho raja



father: Kartus Korenov sad (Drago Eqidius)
mother: Chrumka Korenov sad


12 months old

Diga is very nice female, with strong bones. She is obedient, 100% social, perfect behavior outside/inside, good with people. Very high defense with full hard bites, she love ball, she is trained to ZVV1. She is suitable for police work, personal protection, sport or as family protection dog. More on videos...
Shipping is possible to USA is price about 1100 usd

Lory zo Strby

Gusto z Kurimskeho haje



father: Ax z Kurimskeho haje - ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3, "Czech universal sieger"
mother: Dany z Chodského království
10 months old

Breeder: Jan Boleslav
Owner: Vendula Palikova

Gusto is very nice male with strong bones and head. He is suitable as family protection dog. He is healthy,two testicals, all teeth, HD and ED normal (not official). Good with people, children and other dogs. He know commands in english.

Shipping to USA about 1100usd

Illa z Kurimskeho haje



father: Urri z Kurimskeho haje - IPO 1, IPO 2
mother: Kora z Klidkova dvora
4 months old

Breeder: Jan Boleslav
Owner: Kristyna Klementova

Illa is very talented young female with perfect prey drive. She is suitable as breeding female, for sport and as family or personal protection female. Is possible stay her in our training and titled.

Shipping is possible, to USA about 800usd.